At Doc’s Comstock’s Vacuum and Sewing Center, we want to see your machines only when absolutely necessary. There are some general maintenance things you can do to keep your vacuum and sewing machines running and help prolong their lives.


  • If your bag or container fills, the material being vacuumed will start to back up into the hoses and machinery. Be sure when they fill to change or empty them quickly.
  • Every vacuum has at least one, although more likely two, filters. Those need to be changed to maintain suction. Be sure to change them at least twice a year. Hypo-allergenic filters are available for most models and we carry many in stock.
  • Never vacuum metal with a standard household vacuum. They are not built for it and will get torn up. Use a shop vac designed for this type of application.
  • Also, never vacuum fluids with a regular household vacuum. The fluid will not be contained properly and will cause damage to the working parts of the vacuum.

Sewing Machines

  • Every sewing machine can benefit from regular oiling and maintenance yearly.. A machine getting regular use will not need as much oil as one that sits for long periods of time, but might need more cleaning maintenance. Be sure to consult your user manual or Doc’s for proper oiling and maintenance procedures.
  • NEVER use any oil on your sewing machine except high quality sewing machine oil. Other kinds will cause damage to the working parts of the unit.