Miele Brand

When it came time to sell vacuums to our customers, we investigated all of the brands out there to find the right machines for the right reasons. Many of the vacuums on the market today are designed to be replaced every 2-3 years. In that time you also have to replace filters that can run from $5 to $30 or more every six months. When you add up the total cost of ownership for a 15 year period, a standard $200 vacuum with a life expectancy of 3 years would cost $1,525 without any repairs. We felt that was too high a cost and instead, found the Miele brand.

Miele was founded in 1899 and added vacuums to its product line in 1927. These machines are built to last 15 years or more and are built to withstand what your family throws at them. Made from the same material as football helmets, the case is strong and durable. With a completely sealed system and cloth bag, 99.9% of all particles are trapped by the machine and not put out into the air. For comparison, a Dyson puts out 8 times the particles, a Kenmore 138 times and a Hoover 391 times as much!

Miele offers styles in both canister and upright to accommodate all tastes and needs. Canisters are great for stairs and reaching high places while the uprights are smooth movers.

Another reason the Miele brand are our choice is the bag. While bag-less vacuums are the rage right now, in reality they cause many problems. If the bin isn’t emptied constantly, the material is caught in the vacuum itself and can clog up the working parts of the machine. In our shop we see many of these units come in that are full, top to bottom of material that needs to be removed before they will ever work again. With the Miele units, the bags and filters are one piece so each time you replace a bag, you replace the filters. Everything is kept clean and functional.

At the end of the day, the important thing to consider is your long term investment in the vacuum. How clean will your floors and air be and how easy will it be to use balanced against the cost. It is for all these reasons that we proudly carry the Miele brand.